Short End Story
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A quick story behind the name ‘Short End’
As Willie and Joanne were sitting under their covered patio in Fall City, Washington last summer, they were both thinking about how both of their spouses in Heaven (Sally Moneda and Ted Rayl went to Heaven within 8 months of each other) would have loved their new patio and they contemplated how gorgeous of a setting it is. Then Joanne looked at Willie and said, “WAIT! They are with Jesus in Heaven (where the beauty of God’s creation is beyond our comprehension), we got the ‘short end’ of the stick!” So, we named our property in Fall City the ‘Short End Resort’ and the name has absolutely nothing to do with being vertically challenged! Princess Louisa Inlet, Chatterbox Falls and Malibu Rapids where YoungLife Malibu is situated is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But even so, it pales in comparison to the beauty, grandeur and majesty that await us in Heaven. So even Malibu is the ‘short end of the stick’ compared to what Sally and Ted are enjoying with Jesus in Heaven!