Alki Fridays Coed 4’s League

 As long as thunderstorms are not in the forecast, we will always set up the nets for Alki Fridays. Also, we do NOT play on July 5th and the last day of the league is July 26, 2024.

The schedule for this weed is up on our website at, please check this each week as your start time will vary week to week (except Beginner Level 1 always starts at 6:00pm). For Levels 2, 3, and 4, your game will be either at 6:30pm or 7:30pm so check the schedule page to confirm. Please check in at the white board when you get to the beach and we’ll get games started promptly. If you want more playing time, you can put your name on the sub list for the hour you’re not playing.
Level 1 (Beginner/Rec) start time is always 6:00pm and coaching will be provided for instruction and to facilitate play.
For Level 2 (Intermediate), Level 3 (Intermediate/Advanced) and Level 4 (Advanced), here is how our system works:
* For 6:30pm games, check in at the white magnetic board.
* Everyone will have their name on a little magnet on the board and once you check in, your magnet (with black lettering) will be moved to your assigned court (based on your level) for that hour.
* Court assignments will not be made unless the player is physically there so there won’t be any waiting around to get started.
* If you want to sub in for the hour you are not scheduled, your sub magnet (in red lettering) will be moved under the sub list for your level and the hour you’re not scheduled.
* Once at your court, you can form teams with the 8 people on your court and play 3 games to 21 points, or until 7:30pm. (or 8:30pm if you start at 7:30pm).
* If space is available, we will go to the sub list to fill in for missing players.
* For the 7:30pm games, please come to the white board for court assignments.
* This will all make sense once you see the board.
Here is a quick recap of rules:
* HAVE FUN and BE NICE!! You will likely play with/against everyone at your level throughout the season.
* Introduce yourselves before each match
* Open hand dinks not allowed
* No open hand receive of any ball coming over the net (especially the serve) unless it is a hard driven ball (spiked downward)
* Call your own bad hand sets and no open hand setting the ball over the net
* Rally scoring and let serves are good
* No touching the net….ever
* All levels – JUNGLE BALL not allowed, please make every attempt to have 3 contacts on each side, no one wants to play with teammates that purposely hit the ball over on the first or second contact!! We all get better by touching the ball as much as possible in all positions so don’t deny your teammates of that opportunity, they’ll thank you for it!
* Level 4 Advanced. Must have consistent serving, passing, setting and hitting skills. Passing is of utmost importance! Players at this level can expect to bump-set-hit most every play and it all starts with a good pass. Hand setting allowed with minimal spin (1 or 2 rotations). If you want to move down a level, please let me know.
If you can’t make it on any Friday, you don’t have to do anything but not show up! By not showing up, you will be giving another player an opportunity to play an extra hour in your spot!
Looking forward to seeing you all at the beach….all summer long!!


Alki Fridays Coed 2’s

Games will always start at 5:00pm so please be there on time and ready to play. Format will depend on the total amount of teams. For the first week, we will be doing round robin play with 4-6 teams on 2 courts. After the first couple of weeks, we should get a good idea of skill level and will do a modified power league to keep the level of each pool as similar as possible.
As long as thunderstorms are not in the forecast, we will always set up the nets for Alki Fridays. Also, we do NOT play on July 5th and the last day of the league is July 26, 2024.
Subs are allowed and are encouraged for this league so we have enough teams for pool play. If your entire team can’t make it and you do not have a sub team, text me at the number below. Once we get the power league going, your sub team can’t move you up in level but can keep your team from moving down. I’ll explain more at the beach
Looking forward to seeing you all at the beach!