Sandbox Sports Seattle

2021 Alki Fridays League COVID-19 Requirements Phase 3 Outdoor Adult Recreational Team Sports

League Staff and Players

All league staff and players are required to have and wear masks or facial coverings while not actively playing on the courts

Facial covering may be removed during competition and play
Waiver forms must be printed and filled out prior to playing on the court Check-in required for every player before court assignment

Players are not allowed on the court and encouraged to stay home if they:

  • Are feeling unwell

  • Show any signs of COVID-19

  • Have fever or flu-like symptoms

  • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days

  • Have had contact with any person that has, or is suspected to have COVID-19 in the last

    14 days

    6 feet distancing must be maintained for everyone not engaged in active volleyball play and on the court

    Everyone must practice good hygiene including washing/sanitizing hands frequently Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

    Players are not to arrive at the beach until 10 minutes before scheduled start time Players are not to approach the volleyball court until their scheduled time

    Players are prohibited from all hand shakes, high fives, or any other form of celebration that involves physical contact

    If there is disagreement on any point, redo the point and avoid any arguments or discussion with players and maintain the 6 feet distancing

    Players must leave the volleyball area immediately after their scheduled game time session ends

    No additional spectators beyond household members of players are allowed

Sandbox Sports will provide sanitized volleyballs before each scheduled league start time and will have hand sanitizers available and disinfecting wipes at each court. As always, do not touch the net at any time

Please bring your own hand sanitizer, face covering, water and food.

One ball per court will be sanitized and provided for each court. Additional balls for warming up will NOT be provided so bring your own if you want to warm up prior to play

Switching sides will only be allowed after each game, except on the 3 game where a one time switch can occur when one team has reached 11 points.