Work Crew Volunteers

Work Crew Volunteers for Short End Malibu 2017

Want to be part of the camp and serve as well? We are currently looking for work crew for this camp so if you know anyone in your area that might be interested, please let us know. Work crew duties can include, waiter/waitress, kitchen, dining room clean up, lifeguards, coffee shop, gift store, housekeeping, garbage and general maintenance.  Work crew is required to pay their boat fee $??. So they would only need to get themselves to the Malibu Princess Ferry dock in Egmont, BC, and the rest would be free for them.

Being on work crew would be a great opportunity to grow personally and spiritually while serving, and it is a great way to get volunteer hours for students in one of the most gorgeous venues in the world! This is also a unique opportunity for bonding with people in your area to be able to serve together as an entire group, as opposed to regular summer work crew where they are more selective and you wouldn’t be able to bring a group up.

Work crew spot are first come first served and there are only 38 spots available.

All volunteers MUST fill out the same waiver forms as campers, they are available at waiver forms.   Please send forms and $87 to the address on the waiver forms page and email us so we can get you on our confirmed list as there are only 38 spots available. This page will be updated as we get confirmations. Alternatively, you can send money via paypal via and send a PDF of your waiver forms vial email.

Work crew volunteers will need at least a current enhanced drivers license or enhanced ID card if they do not have a passport. If a volunteer is a minor, please go to this site for additional requirement for minors traveling to Canada.

If you have any questions, email us at or call Willie Moneda at 206-321-9861

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